Remarkably Increasing

This College is situated amidst the beautiful Eastern Ghats, in the campus of the
Church of Christ, Rampachodavaram calm and peaceful environment, free from Pollution and
hustle and bustle of the city, conductive to the pursuit of Education. Rampachodavaram is
about 53 Kms from Rajahmundry on the Rajahmundry -Bhadrachalam High way. APSRTC bus
services are available from Rajahmundry. A number of APSRTC Bus services are available in
between Kakinada and Rampachodavaram via Gokavaram. The nearest Railway Stations are
Rajahmundry & Samarlakot. Taxis and Autos are also available. Air port is also at Rajahmundry.
Apart from the institute, which is situated is about 30 acres campus, Rampachodavaram
village is an important Centre. It has many central Govt. and State Govt offices and it is the
head quarters to this agency area.