Dear Student Friends,

STUDENTS are the real strength of LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEEIRNG. Once again YOU are all WELCOME to the LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ALUMNI. Hope you are doing well. I am pleased to inform that a LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEEIRNG Alumni ASSOCIATION is being launched to help the Institute’s community stay connected with YOU. Since 2005, its inception, LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEEIRNG ALUMNI ASSOCIATION working actively and did so many activities in the campus and outside the campus. it was registered in 2009 as LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEEIRNG ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and continues her legacy.

I call upon all of you to play an active role in mentoring, guiding, and supporting the endeavor’s of our current students. Also, do let us know of possible avenues for deepening our association and collaboration professionally, for mutual benefit.

God be with you.

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