Sports & Games

Sports and Games

LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is one of the prestigious institutions of Engineering Education in Andhra Pradesh. in Campus, the student life is engaged with many activities. One of its integral components are sports and gaming activities. In LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, a Sports Committee with faculty and student body members has been established. Throughout the year we conduct a series of indoor and outdoor sporting events like football, cricket, kabaddi, volleyball, badminton and so on. Our students practice a culture of participating in various sporting events all throughout the state, and they manifest the values they acquire from sporting activities throughout their stay in the institution and beyond.

The excellent academic infrastructure of LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is supplemented with facilities for outdoor & indoor games as well as cultural activities. Indoor Auditorium and outdoor auditorium are also made available for multipurpose activities.

The College has well developed sports infrastructure in place catering to the student needs providing a whole some environment in getting to the stage of various colleges and inter-university competitions. The volley ball court relieve the students from their routine thus providing moral energy in taking up new challenges. The students represent the college at various national level events in Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball, Shuttle Badminton, body building etc., proving themselves in all aspects beyond academics.

Physical Director
Name : N.Satyanarayana
Qualification :B.P.Ed

Existing Facilities
Well maintained cricket ground.
2 Volley ball courts
3 Kabaddi courts
1 Kho-Kho court
1 Throw ball court
1 Shuttle courts
and gym equipment

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