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LOGO – What it Signifies?

Dr. BARRE RATNAM, the founder Chairman of LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING choose this emblem designed by Sri WILLIAMS, a retired District Educational Officer.
In center, the rising Sun with its rays of light represents the LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING and its many courses and branches of various engineering discipline. In forward, Cross represents the Christ’s life and his message with a text “PEACE and GRACE” written on the book, The BIBLE. Everyone should maintain peace while studying, behave like a human being. Christ’s simple living and his teachings, morals, parables are always inspirable. An inner wheel, which represents the evolution of the mankind and the importance of the Mechanical Engineering. On the above of the inner wheel’s crest, the flying Pigeon represents the innocence and knowledge which students and faculty must obtained. In between the inner wheel and outer wheel, it represents various emerging technologies like Satellite, Dish, Computer and Electrical Tower, that enriches the knowledge of the LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING students. Above all, the name of the college, LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, is encircled to protect each and every stakeholder under her roof. Underneath this complex symbolism of knowledge, it is written as, “TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE, the utmost promise to the mankind to fulfil the glory and legacy of LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING by its students, faculty, staff, management and alumni.

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