Placement based Training in Engineering Education

Placement based Training in Engineering Education

Objective of the practice:

The Specific Objective of the Placement Based Training is to Train and Expertise the students to meet the present day requirements in the market for the Survival. This includes the Personality Development; Resume writing, Communication Skills, Aptitude, Personal Interview and Group Discussion. This Placement based Training helps students to improve the academic standards and to provide all the academic facilities to the students based on today’s need of the Software industry/hardware Industry into which the students enter after they complete the course.

The main objective of this practice is to

  • To prepare students to face campus interviews through arranging training in Aptitude, group discussions, technical and HR interviews by professional trainers.
  • To encourage career counseling by organizing guidance lectures by senior corporate personnel and most importantly by the immediately placed senior students.
  • To maintain regular interaction with the industry through seminars, guest lectures, corporate meets etc.
  • To develop the best learning process using a comprehensive understanding of industry’s best practices
  • The Context
    Lenora College of Engineering believes that a motivated workforce (Staff and Students) can be a significant factor in institute’s success. When staff and students are motivated to work at higher levels of their skills and abilities, the institute as a whole runs more efficiently and is more effective at achieving its objectives and goals.

    The industry is always on the lookout for students who are vibrant, energetic individuals and ready to accept challenges, attentive, a good academic background, fast learners, open to learning even at work and more importantly, good communication skills. A good score sheet and technical ground rules are only one phase of the recruitment process.

    Organizations today make use of unique techniques during recruitment to make certain that those hired will meet its requirements. The placement cell recognizes these techniques by interacting with the industry and prepares students for them. Hence there is a need to establish the vital link between students and prospective employers to facilitate the training and placement of students as they begin their career after graduation. In this age of liberalization, privatization, and globalization, there is an ever increasing industry requirement for professionals who have high employability index and required competencies with an inquisitive mindset for innovations.

    The Practice:

    The uniqueness of our placement training cell is to ensure that the recruitment process is a successful journey for the students of Lenora College of Engineering. It puts high emphasis on technical and nontechnical pre placement training, which will train students to excel at interviews and recruitment processes. Students are constantly motivated through counseling, to increase their morale. Students are also informed and advised on the importance of maintaining good academic scores as these play a major role during recruitment. The cell helps students improve their academic scores through a series of programs and workshops.

    Lenora College of Engineering looks to develop its students from industrial perspective. For this we have designed training modules to impart technical, logical, analytical, behavioral and managerial skills in every student. Apart from the regular academics each student is trained for more than 200 hours on varied skills. We also promote students to visit various industries pertaining to their disciplines so that they get the right exposure. We are also assessing the students through various online testing methodologies so that the right set of students is channelized towards the right profile. The following training programmes are conducted for the students by proper planning prior the academic start.

    1.Soft Skill Training Programme:
    This helps students develop effective communication skills and presentation capabilities in academic and professional settings. These interactive activities focus on work environment and real life situations. Individual attention is given and even shy students are encouraged and empowered to develop their public speaking, interactive and interpersonal skills. This includes the enhancement of following skills

      Presentation Skills
      Group Discussion
      Resume Preparation
      Interview Preparation
      Just a Minute
      Leadership Qualities
      Goal Setting
      Time Management
      Team Player, etc.
      2.Aptitude Skill Trainings:
      It includes to increase the following abilities in the students
      Data Interpretation

    3.Analytical Technical Skill Trainings: The students are trained in advanced techniques of the following languages and technologies and make them application oriented
    Testing Mobile Apps

    Evidence of Success

    The Placement Based Training programme has improved the success rate of the students in the final placement interviews to an appreciable extent. The feedback of the employer about the performance of our alumni also confirms that the engineering graduates from Lenora College of Engineering have been contributing significantly to their organization’s growth.

    Problems encountered and Resources Required
    Placement based Training is a high priority practice in Lenora College of Engineering , Still it faces certain problems which the management strives to solve Competent faculty with updated soft skills and technical skills are needed to train the students and assist in pre placement training.

    Students are from rural background having poor communication skills and lack of industry awareness becomes a tough job for the faculty to mobilize and create interest.

    Some students especially girl students from rural areas are lacking interest in training programmes.

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