Mentor System for Students

Mentor System for Students

Objective of the practice:

  • To minimize dropouts, improve performance and reduce stress of the students through personal counselling.
  • To encourage students to excel in academic, emotional and social aspects.
  • Counselling helps students for their all-round development by molding them to face practical problems in real life.
  • To monitor students’ discipline on daily basis.
  • To enable their parents to keep track of academic progress of their wards.
  • To guide the students to choose their career and higher studies.
  • To motivate the students to adopt right attitude towards life and become good citizens of the country.
  • To inculcate discipline, punctuality and professionalism in their approach towards career.
  • To strengthen the bonding between the student and teacher.
  • The Context
    Since most of the students are from semi-rural back ground, it is imperative for the institution to guide the students from the beginning itself for their all-round development. This inevitable as the students are not matured enough to face ever changing technological scenario. This helps them to achieve their goals in life. This scheme aims at addressing the deficiencies in attitude, habits and knowledge of the students. As the students belong to different socio-cultural and economic back grounds, it has become necessary for the institution to adopt counselling system as one of the best practices.
    Students undergo various problems of stress- personal, academic, physical, mental. Engineering education is a time bound course with time limitations to complete your work especially during the first two years. Mentoring is required for students to achieve emotional stability and to promote clarity in thinking and decision making for overall progress.

    The Practice
    The practice is that of creating an efficient mentor-ward system. The mentors encourage the students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and sports. Their academic performance and other activities are all recorded. Counselling session is conducted twice in a month on regular basis.

      Counsellors are assigned 20 students to guide them throughout the year.
      Attending counselling session is mandatory for every student.
      The counsellor keeps the academic record of each student in the group right from SSC and monitors the progress.
      It is the responsibility of the counsellor to keep the record of student performance in slip tests, midterm exams, semester exams etc.
      The counsellor calls and informs the parent in case the student is absent to the college and records the reason for absence.
      Parents are informed about the attendance record of their ward every two weeks.
      The communication between the counsellor and student is established by different means like in person or through phone.
      The practice of counselling system is evaluated monthly by the Principal through various reports. Counselling helps the students to choose a right career option and pursue it with focus and dedication

    Evidence of Success
    Evidence of success of the practice includes university ranks, better results in the examinations, more regular attendance, less dropouts, increased participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, better discipline on campus and respectful relationship between teachers and students.

      The students are more relaxed and have a healthy relationship with the staffs so that there is a considerable improvement in the student-teacher relationship.
      The number of irregular students got reduced.
      Reduction in the cases of indiscipline handled by the discipline committee.
      Attendance of students improved.
      Gradual increase in the pass percentage of students noticed from first year to final year. Increased in number of students who got placed in campus recruitment drives is also one of the results of effective counselling system

    Problems Encountered and Resources Required
    Common problems encountered are:

      Relationship issues
      Anger management
      Changing moods and attitude
      Anxiety and stress management
      Deficit in commitment and effort
      Inexperienced counselors
      Poor time management and punctuality by students
      Lack of respect towards the system
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