Employability Skills Programme

Employability Skills Programme



Employability Skills Programme 2019-20

1. Students are hereby informed to report to the company in time on 1st day itself as per the schedule.
2. Student must have 100% attendance during internship programme. That is, they must attend the programme for all days.
3. LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING / Company does not provide any facility such as transportation, travel charges, etc. for attending internship programme.
4. Students should understand that during internship programme, you are the ambassadors of the LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING and your behavior during the internship programme is of utmost importance. If any student is involved in any discipline related issues, he/she will be withdrawn from the internship programme immediately.
5. During internship programme student must wear college uniform only.
6. Do not carry mobile phones to the company premises.
7. During internship programme all the Rules and Regulations of company are applicable to students.
8. Students must follow all the safety instructions given by the company during internship.
9. Facilities from the company such as food, accommodation, transportation, usage of canteen facilities are only subjected to availability and with prior-permission of the authority concerned in the company. It is the responsibility of students to get such permissions wherever needed. However, there is no obligation on the company to provide these facilities.
10. In case of any un-avoidable health reasons students can take leave with prior permission from the internship coordinator of the respective company formally.
11. Each company where students are undergoing internship programme is identified with faculty internship coordinator and student coordinator (list enclosed). In case of unforeseen developments / emergencies during internship programme, students can inform the same to internship coordinator (or student coordinator) of the respective company immediately and wait for further advice. Students can also send an e-mail to principal.lenora@gmail.com
12. Student shall submit the undertaking duly signed by self and parents.
13. At the end of the programme, student must get NO DUE certificate and certificate of completion from the company.
14. At the end of Internship programme, each student has to submit internship report.

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