Eco-Cultural Club

Eco-Cultural Club

LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING IS one of the prestigious institutions of Engineering Education in Andhra Pradesh. in Campus, the student life is engaged with many activities. One of its integral components is Eco-cultural activities. In LENORA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, a Eco-cultural Committee with faculty and student body members has been established. Throughout the year we conduct a series of cultural events are planned. Our students practice a culture of participating in various cultural events all throughout the state, and they manifest the values they acquire from cultures throughout their stay in the institution and beyond.


    • It aims to gather an all-round development amongst students not only by motivating the best extra-curricular potentials in them, but also by building a companionship amongst all college department.


  • The Club aims to organize seminars, educational workshops and environmental safety workshops, seminars and programme for the welfare of students. Various quiz competitions and academically beneficial competitions will be held through collaborating with different institutions which will help students gain awareness about their surroundings.
  • The Club initiates in organizing all the Cultural events and Ecological Events in an academic session, i.e. on Independence Day, Republic Day, Foundation Day, Teachers Day, Engineers Day, etc.
  • A cultural fest involving participation of students evolves their inner skills.
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