Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)

Diploma(Mechanical Engineering)


Sl No. Subject Code Subject Name
1 ME-101 English
2 ME-102 Engineering Mathematics - I
3 ME-103 Engineering Physics
4 ME-104 Engineering Chemistry&Environmental Studies
5 ME-105 Engineering Mechanics
6 ME-106 Workshop Technology
1 ME-107 Engineering Drawing practice
2 ME-108 Basic Work shop practice
3 ME-109 A) Engineering Physics Lab practice
B) EngineeringChemistry Lab practice
4 ME-110 Computer fundamentals Lab practice


III Semester

Sl. No Subject Code Subject Name
1 ME-301 Engineering Mathematics - II
2 ME-302 Engineering Materials
3 ME-303 Basic Electrical& Electronics Engineering
4 ME-304 Basic Thermodynamics
5 ME-305 Strength of Materials
6 ME-306 Production Technology-I
1 ME-307 Machine Drawing Practice
2 ME-308 Fuels Lab Practice
3 ME-309 Electrical Engineering Lab Practice
4 ME-310 Manufacturing & Fabrication Engg.Lab Practice -I

IV Semester

Sl. No Subject Code Subject Name
1 ME-401 Mathematics - III
2 ME-402 Design of Machine Elements-I
3 ME-403 Industrial Engineering
4 ME-404 Heat Power Engineering-I
5 ME-405 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery
6 ME-406 Production Technology -I
1 ME-407 Production Drawing Practice
2 ME-408 Communication Skills Practice
3 ME-409 Material Testing Lab Practice
4 ME-410 Manufacturing & Fabrication Engg. Lab Practice -II


V Semester

Sl. No Subject Code Subject Name
1 ME-501 Industrial Management
2 ME-502 Design of Machine Elements -II
3 ME-503 Estimating & Costing
4 ME-504 Heat Power Engineering-II
5 ME-505 Fluid Power System
6 ME-506 Machine Tool Engineering
1 ME-507 CAD Lab Practice
2 ME-508 Life skills
3 ME-509 Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab Practice
4 ME-510 Field practices

VI Semester

Sl. No Subject Code Subject Name
1 ME-601 Entrepreneurship and Project Management
2 ME-602 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
3 ME-603 Energy Sources & Power Plant Engineering
4 ME-604 CAM
5 ME-605 Measurement & Control Systems
6 ME-606 Automobile Engineering
1 ME- 607 CAM Lab
2 ME -608 T.E and R & AC Lab Practice
3 ME-609 Manufacturing &Servicing and Maintenance Lab Practice
4 ME-610 Project work

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